Farmers’ Almanac winter forecast for 2014–15 is looking good

Farmers’ Almanac winter forecast for 2014–15 is looking good

This time of year, the Farmers’ Almanac is the Bible for snowboarders smited by the summertime blues. Fortunately the good folks at the Almanac have some great news for everyone itching to strap back in with their prediction for the 2014–15 season: Cold and snowy. This is only a forecast so please take the statements below with a grain of salt, but we have to admit that the excitement is quickly building to go snowboarding again. Here’s the breakdown:


The East: Winter will be in full swing with a bombardment of storms and the required cold temperatures to make sure the white stuff sticks around as long as possible. Powder days at Stowe anyone?

The Midwest: You guys went through a lot last winter: -50°F makes it incredible dangerous to go outside, let alone snowboard, and it looks like there will be repeat temps this winter. Sorry to be the bearer of less-than-ideal news, but it looks like there is a possibility of slightly below average snowfall this year as well. However, with cold temperatures hovering over the Great Lakes there is a good chance that the Upper Peninsula of Michigan could go off. Just make sure you bundle up, frostbite ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.

The West and Pacific Northwest: Near normal precipitation is expected for Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and wherever else you call home in the Western states. That’s great news for areas like Tahoe that have had struggled with adequate snowfall for the past several seasons. We don’t want to get your hopes up too much, but it could definitely be a great year in the West. Click here for the full forecast.

El Niño: This could be the game changer. El Niño is a slight warming of Western Pacific waters due to a combination of wind and waves in the tropical waters of the Pacific. If there is an El Niño effect, California could receive a large dose of desperately needed rain and snowfall, plus the Midwest would thaw with a milder winter. Look out for announcements of this ocean effect during the months of January through April.


Canada: It’s going to be a cold one for our friends in the North. With below-average temperates expected for the majority of the country due to influxes of frigid Arctic air, much of Canada will be stoking the fire and cranking thermostats on a regular basis. While near-average snowfall is expected for eastern part of the country and also includes British Columbia, that aforementioned Arctic air will come across the Great Lakes and build some serious storms, which will cause dumps for the leeward side of the Lakes. Click here for the full forecast.

All in all, Farmers’ Almanac winter forecast for 2014–15 may not be one to rejoice over, but it definitely has promise to bring a great season to the many resorts and businesses that rely on an average snowfall. We hope they’re right.

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